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​Basic show: 
For the mild crowd this show can last 1 hr. Typically this type of show calls for one stripper just to surprise the guest of honor usually small bachelor parties, Office parties or Divorce Parties (etc.), or just about any occasion. At this show the Dancer strips down to her birthday suit, this show can also include private dances at the end of the hr.

Mild show:
This one gets a bit heated and starts to step up the action, this show can last for an hr. the mild show includes everything the basic show offers plus 1 party game(bunny tails, waterfall, search and seizure, etc) of the dancers choice and if tipping is right a specialty show(toys show, shower show, oil rub, slip n slide, etc)

Wild Show:
We steam up Maine winters with these bachelor parties! Tipping is necessary for the intensity of this show. Usually 2 or more girls, this show includes everything from basic and mild including 2 girl erotic shows, games, private dances, floor dances, complete nudity, touching allowed.

Extreme Show:
For the most intense bachelor parties, gentlemen must make it rain! And the strippers will show their appreciation with an erotic show you will remember for a lifetime. this show includes strap on show (requires 2 girls) vibrator show, anal ring toss, waterfall, search and seizure, bunny tails, the Brazillian bikini wax, whip cream races, oil rubs, body rubs, slip N slides, private dances, floor dances, etc the more green the more obscene the more the doe the longer they go, Depending on the level of audience participation and the generosity of the guests it is up to the dancers, they may stay longer than the hour.